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Following on from its predecessors, the Stigma Hyper range have been some of the best selling tattoo machines of all times!

The Stigma-Rotary® Hyper V4 is a smooth running and versatile hybrid tattoo machine. Thanks to its universal screw-on connection, the Hyper V4 can be used together with cartridge grips from all major brands just as well as with grips with a backstem for standard tattoo needles. No additional accessories are needed to get the most out of your machine: the Hyper V4 comes with adjustable stroke length and give, with the stroke length being adjustable by twisting the fixed motor, while the give can be set with the dedicated give screw located above the slider. The stroke length and give can also be independently adjusted, meaning that you can set up your machine to suit your style just perfectly. The 6 Watt Swiss motor featured on the Hyper V4 comes with a new and improved 2mm shaft diameter, ensuring reliability and smooth running.

Machine type: Swash driven Hybrid Rotary for use with standard needles and cartridges
Vice: Universal Screw on connection compatible with standard grips and with all standard
cartridge grips
Motor : 6 Watt Swiss Made with 2mm shaft and 2 preloaded ball bearings
Performance : Fully Adjustable optimal for all purposes
Give: adjustable from super soft to solid hard
Stroke length: adjustable from 3 – 4mm
Connection: Gold Plated RCA
Weight: 98 grams