The pieces of our line Black and Golden sound of Surgical steel 316L that obtain his color by means of a delicate process of Ionization (molecular exchange) that always remains in the piece

  P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluorethyleno)

  • It can be sterilized by autoclave at 160 degrees.
  • It´s totally flexible, biocompatible and transparent.
  • It is anti-alergic.
  • It´s easy to cut following one´s need.
  • This material is highly recommended to perforate.

    P.M.F.K. (polymeric medical flexible plastic) benefits

  • It can be sterilized by autoclave at 120 degrees for 20 minutes or at 134 degrees for 5 minutes.
  • It´s less flexible than the P.T.F.E., so it allows creating circular barbells or bananas.
  • It´s available in different colours. The P.M.F.K. is totally biocompatible because the colour is dissolved directly in the polymeric.
  • It´s easy to cut following one´s need.


    Titanium became one of the most favourite materials of professional piercers. It´s, at the same time , very strong and very light; it is able to resist to body acids and fluids. Thanks to its properties, this material is able to avoid all types of tissue and bone allergies. For these reason it is widely used for permanent surgical transplants. CULT BODY ART only uses titanium grade 2 and 23 (Ti6AL 4V Eli) and suggests its use to perforate. We fulfil the European Nickel Directive.  


    CULT BODY ART uses 316LVM – ASTFM F138-97 surgical steel, the same that has been used in surgical implantation for more than 20 years. The 316LVM steel is melted in an oxygen free atmosphere, thanks to it, the quantity of carbon is highly reduced and, at the same time, the material turns out to be free of toxic elements that could contaminate the jewels surface. The surgical steel of CULT BODY ART fulfil with the European Nickel Directive and overpass it.  


    All our products of Bufalo horn, bones or wood are unique and handmade. No items equals 100% another one. Our materials are real natural products and fulfil the European Import Directives.  


    CULT BODY ART  only uses gold 18K (75%) in all the ítems of the following section. All the jewels are nickel free and high polished.  


    All the jewellery of this section is submitted to a severe quality control that guarantees a safe and satisfactory purchase. We only work with stone setting and with first choice silver, the “925” branded one. The banana bar, the part of the jewel that enters in direct contact with the skin, can be made either of 316L surgical steel or titanium.  


    CULT BODY ART offers you a Wide range of acrylic articles that thanks to their colours, designs, fluorescent properties and competitive prices have been very warmly welcomed in the market.. Anyway, we suggest you to be careful in using the UV products, because they can´t be sterilized and they can´t be used for perforation. Their biocompatibility has not been certified yet.

    Stixis Team